Grab your buckets and sunhats, because you'll want to spend all day in this dreamy blue orchard. With summer just around the bend, fields across the province are about to burst into bloom with fresh fruit. Berry picking is always a good way to enjoy the warm weather, and this season, you can indulge in all the bluest fruits your heart desires. Ontario's Wilmot Orchards blueberry picking is opening up this summer, and it's making us feel anything but blue.

Would it even be summer if you didn't go on a berry picking adventure?

This scenic orchard is just an hour outside of Toronto, and it will transport you to a blue paradise.

Nestled amidst rolling hills, Wilmot Orchards features 20 acres of lush berry patches.

The farm announced in a recent Instagram post that it will be opening up in August for pick-your-own berries.

According to the post, the establishment is currently working with the local health department in order to ensure the safety of staff and visitors for the season.

The farm has two pick-your-own areas, which offer nine varieties of blueberries.

You can wander through colourful pathways and fill up your bucket with all the freshest, juiciest fruits.

The blueberries ripen throughout the month of August, so start planning your sweet adventure for this time.

You can bring your own bucket along with you, or purchase one of the buckets available on site.

The berries cost $3.30 per pound, and there are also pre-picked containers for purchase.

The orchard is also home to AppleBerries Cafe, which is brimming with blueberry treats.

From specialty ice cream made with the farm-grown berries to blueberry tarts and more, you can enjoy the countryside views while indulging in some sweet desserts.

Since plans are still in the works, it is a good idea to check that the cafe is open before visiting, as the hours may have been affected.

Get ready for the bluest summer adventure at this berry farm!

Wilmot Orchards

Price: $3.30 per pound

When: August 2020

Address: 3337 Concessions Rd. 3, Newcastle, ON

Why You Need To Go: Get your blueberry fill at this pick-your-own orchard this summer.

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