You may want to make plans on how to withdraw cash in the near future. Bank of America in Florida is shuttering multiple locations in the state. The news breaks amid a record spike of COVID-19 cases in the Sunshine State.

"Like many businesses operating right now, we have been balancing the need to stay open in as many locations as possible with the health and wellbeing of our employees," said Bank of America spokesman Matthew Daily.

All 60 of the Florida closures are occurring within Central Florida, with most in the Orlando area. When visiting Bank of America's website, a list will pop up of the branches that have shut down.

The affected locations will carry this message: "This Financial Center has been temporarily closed."

The closures will impact those who do their inside banking. For those wondering how they'll access their money, the 24-hour ATMs will still be operational, and mobile and online banking will still be available.

Daily said that banks closing in the Orlando area would re-open "as soon as possible," though no exact date has been announced. Bank of America is also closing branches in Southwest Florida and the Tampa Bay area.

These closures are just the latest big chain to announce a shutdown of its Florida stores due to the state's COVID-19 spike.

Apple Store re-closed 14 locations, including all of its Orlando area stores because of the resurgence, and the Microsoft Store shuttered its doors ahead of schedule as well as part of a mass closing of its retail business.

Florida has seen soaring cases over the past few weeks that have caused some areas to re-impose new restrictions to tame the virus.

Miami-Dade County is slowly shutting down as caseloads are starting to put a strain on the hospital system, and numerous counties and cities have imposed face mask orders.

Other major banks within the state have yet to announce closures of their own.