Hidden amid an enchanting garden in the heart of Orlando is something magical. You may think that enchanted land is Disney World, but this time, you would be wrong. This land exists in Leu Gardens, where the Enchanted Fairy Doors are located.

Every fall, the lovely gardens just outside downtown Orlando are decorated with these cute, small fairy doors, where magic awaits behind each.

But you'll have to find the doors first, and that's the best part of this magical adventure. In addition to being surrounded by a tropical oasis, you and your bae can hunt for clues as to where these fairy doors lay.

Each door offers different artwork and distinct themes.

One door promises LGBTQ pride, and another may lead you into a land of good fortune. It's the fairies way of bringing a little bit of joy to your world and your weekend.

In truth, there is nothing behind the doors, and the City of Orlando strongly advises all those seeking the doors to not touch them as they can break and damage the experience.

However, that shouldn't stop you from using your strong imagination to create a fantasy world in which the doors did bring you good luck.

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The Enchanted Fairy Doors has long been a great fall tradition in Orlando. In a region that doesn't see traditional fall weather, most Orlandoans rely on traditions that resemble the season.

Many are now seeking things to do outdoors, and the Enchanted Fairy Doors is a perfect event to fit as such.

While there is no prize to be won for finding them, the real treat is immersing yourself in a fantasy world where fairies live in ultra-creative doors, ready to grant all those who find them a magically good time.

The Enchanted Fairy Doors 

Admission: $10

When: Now until Oct. 31

Address: Leu Gardens, 1920 N. Forest Ave., Orlando, FL 

Why You Should Go: This annual event will have you searching for enchanting fairy doors scattered throughout the gardens. 


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