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You Can Wander Through A Tunnel Of Sharks At This Spot In Orlando

It's always Shark Week in Florida! 🦈
Sea Life Orlando Aquarium Let's You Walk Through A Tunnel Of Sharks And Marine Life

Shark Week may be officially over for the year, but Florida residents celebrate all summer long, and then some! While it’s always advised to be cautious of the toothy fish we share our oceans with, there’s a safer and much drier way you can interact with them in The Sunshine State. At SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, you can actually walk through a tunnel of sharks!

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is the perfect spot to get up close and personal with the amazing marine life that also call our oceans home, without the risk of getting too close.

As you wander through the aquarium, you’ll feel completely immersed in a magical underwater world, especially when you take a walk through the glass tunnel surrounded by sharks.

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The tunnel takes you through a massive tank filled with fish, coral, rays, and sharks. With lights filtering through the water from above, and the sandy bottom stretching out before you, you’ll totally feel like you’re a part of Ariel’s world.

Many of SEA LIFE’s animals are rescues who couldn’t be released back into the wild or have been bred at the center as part of a conservation project to sustain endangered species.

There are tons of amazing environments to explore at the aquarium, where you can get a closer look at the wonders of the sea.

From ocean caves filled with tropical fish to the Jelly Wall with beautiful floating jellyfish, and to the Coastal Rockpool where you can even touch some of the friendlier residents, there’s so much to see and explore.

Perfect for beating the heat and staying dry, you can wander their exhibits and feel like you're under the sea. Grab your boo and you've suddenly got an affordable and adorable day date.

Whether you’re still celebrating Shark Week or indulging your inner mermaid, SEA LIFE gives you a deeper look into the magic of the ocean.

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

Price: $24.95+

Address: 8449 International Dr, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Walk through a tunnel of sharks, get up close and personal with other incredible marine life, and discover the magic of the deep sea at this aquarium in Orlando!

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