If there's one thing about anime that almost everyone loves, it's the noodles. Those creative cartoons never fail to make a bowl of ramen look scrumptious. This Naruto themed noodle shop in Orlando serves delicious ramen that look just as good as the 2D ones. 

If you've ever watched Naruto, you know just how much Naruto loves ramen, and how amazing his noodles always look. His Ichiraku ramen is always the most perfect shade of brown and all the extras piled on top just makes it look that much more delicious.

Naroodle in Orlando fuses a love for the Naruto anime and food together into their adorable Naruto themed noodle spot, and their replication of the ramen from the show is pretty spot on - right down to the little details like the 'Nori' (seaweed) and 'Narutomaki' (a little pink and white swirly fish cake).

Not only do they serve ramen, but they serve other Japanese dishes like Onigiri, those cute rice balls you always see in anime, and Hinata Buns - which are steamed bao buns topped with goodies like bbq pulled pork and veggies; or if you're vegetarian, they have a Hinata Bun for you too. Vegan noodle options are also available.

Naroodle even has your back if you have a sweet tooth. You can pick up a warm glazed donut with house-made ice cream they call 'Akatskream', a cute world play on the term Akatsuki from the anime, as well as 'Anko Dango' - cherry blossom, coconut, and matcha cake pops on a stick.

Their entire space will make you feel like you stepped into an anime world - like Orlando's very own Hidden Leaf Village. The walls are covered in Naruto art and decor, and even the little checkout area looks like a traditional ramen shop straight out of the anime.

You'll find a lot of cosplayers here, so if you're a big fan of Naruto, don't be afraid to don your headband and practice your ninjutsu here! You can even take your photo on the infamous swing that you see Naruto ponder his life on in the series.

The Hokage of Naroodle shared what inspired him to create this little anime heaven.

"The noodle shop was heavily inspired by one of my favorite animes of all time - Naruto. I really wanted to be able to bring my food and my love for anime into the same thing and blend those cultures together. It's something you think about as a kid, how can I make that happen? I was just one of those kids that took my dream really seriously," he said.

For their Grand Opening back in January, they hosted a video game tourney, where shinobi and kunoichi fought for Naruto fighting game bragging rights. A representative for Naroodle shared with Narcity that they have plans to host more game tourney's in the future and events for the community.

If you can't get to Orlando to check this place out right now, watch the video below for a little tour of the space's ninja vibes.

If you're ready to open up the Gate of Joy like Rock Lee with some delicious ramen, Naroodle is located at 10034 University Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32817. You can slurp your noodles Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-10pm; Closed on Mondays.

Naroodle Noodle Shop

Location: 10034 University Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32817

Hours of Operation:  Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-10pm; Closed on Mondays

Cost: Cost for food items vary - the ramen ranges in price from $11-14 for a large portion. Add-ins are extra.

Why you need to go: One of the cutest spots to geek out over anime and enjoy ramen just like Naruto. Delicious Japanese dishes, as well as sweets created and inspired by the Naruto anime. You can customize your ramen with add-ins, and the portions are HUGE.