Osmow's Lines Were So Long For National Shawarma Day That People Waited For Hours (PHOTOS)

How long would you wait for $5 shawarma?
Osmow's National Shawarma Day Had People Waiting In Lines Outside For Hours
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It seems people will do anything for a good deal! For Osmow's National Shawarma Day, the line ups to order were huge and people were waiting for over an hour at some locations. Some even had to stand out in the rain to get their hands on a wrap or chicken on the rocks for just $5.

The deal was to celebrate the first-ever National Shawarma Day on October 15, a holiday that Osmow's created.

When you combine cheap food and the fact that it's only available at that price for one day, it's likely that people will show up.

Add in strict COVID-19 rules about capacity limits and physical distancing, it's no surprise that lines were out the door and wait times were high.

People took to Twitter to talk about what happened on National Shawarma Day and some questioned whether it was all worth it.

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Disappointed sarcasm

Not worth it

Exhausted workers

Long wait and no chicken

40 people waiting

Even Uber Eats had long waits

More stressful than the airport

Not envious at all

Out in the rain

A suggestion

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