Trudeau Sets Goal For Net-Zero Emissions By 2050 As Part Of ‘Ambitious’ New Plan

"Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our times." 🌏
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 Canada's Net-Zero Emissions Plan: Trudeau Says The Goal Is 'Ambitious But Possible'

On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed more details about the federal government’s proposed net-zero emissions plan.

Speaking to reporters, Trudeau described climate change as “one of the greatest challenges of our times," and said Canadians have made it clear that they “want climate action now."

In response, he confirmed that legislation was tabled on Thursday which sets binding targets to get Canada to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal is to do this by 2050.

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Just like with COVID-19, ignoring the risks of climate change isn't an option. Justin Trudeau

The proposed legislation, known as Bill C-12, promises that the government will be more transparent and accountable when it comes to reaching net-zero emissions.

Reaching this goal means either completely eliminating all emissions, or offsetting them with things like forests and wetlands or technology.

It’s comes-good on a promise the Liberals made during the 2019 election, when they committed to making big changes when it comes to the environment.

If the bill gets passed, federal governments will be required to set emission reduction targets every five years for the next 30 years, to make sure they’re progressing towards the overall goal.

Trudeau described the move as a way to "ensure we reach this net-zero goal in a way that gives Canadians confidence."

In a tweet shortly after, he admitted that the plan is "ambitious," but also said that it's "possible" and "necessary." 

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