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Ford Is Fuming At Trudeau's Government For 'Dropping The Ball Majorly' On Vaccines

"It's a joke. [...] I'm done," the premier said today.
Canada's Vaccine Rollout Has Doug Ford Absolutely Fuming

Premier Doug Ford had strong words regarding Canada's vaccine rollout Friday afternoon.

Ford expressed that he was "as frustrated as they come" at the Trudeau government on the lack of vaccines in Ontario, claiming that they've "dropped the ball, majorly."

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According to the Premier, the province is still waiting on more promised Moderna and Astra-Zeneca vaccines but has yet to receive a date on when it might receive them.

"Right now, pharmacies have run out [and] Shopper's Drug Mart [...] just told me they have 100,000 appointments [booked]," he continued.

"It's a joke [...] I'm done," expressed Ford. To date, the province has fully vaccinated 306,373 residents.

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