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Trudeau Called Out Doug Ford For ‘Playing Politics’ & Says The Feds Want To Help Ontario

"I find it frustrating and disappointing that the province is still trying to point fingers."

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Doug Ford & Justin Trudeau Are Butting Heads Again & Here's Why

Just hours after receiving a strongly-worded letter from Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau has accused the Ontario premier of "playing politics" during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with CP24 on May 13, the prime minister responded to Ford's suggestion that Canada's border measures must be stricter to protect Ontarians.

He claimed to have spoken with Ford "and all the other premiers" two weeks earlier and said they'd agreed to "tighten" the number of international students and other visitors entering Canada right now.

However, Trudeau says Ford and his team "never told us" how they wanted to proceed with this plan, adding, "they still haven't said what categories they want to restrict and how they want to reduce international arrivals."

He said that the federal government wants to work alongside Ford to "support Ontarians through this difficult time in whatever ways are necessary," but added, "It's just unfortunate that Doug Ford continues to play politics."

This is the latest disagreement between two leaders during the pandemic, with the duo previously quarreling over Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine supply.

In the past, a body language expert told Narcity the duo "are like congenial adversaries."

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