Trudeau is clapping back against Doug Ford's targeted ads about tightening border restrictions to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

In a press conference on Friday, the prime minister stated that these "personal attacks" are not what Ontarians need right now. Instead, Trudeau states he will continue to work with Ford to come to a conclusion about border restrictions if Ford will get back to him.

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"If the Ontario government wants to do more to restrict the volume of people coming into Ontario, we are more than happy to work with them on it," Trudeau stated.

"But it's been a week since we've received that request directly from the premier that they haven't followed up on except with personal attacks, which doesn't make sense and quite frankly won't help Ontarians."

Earlier this week, the Ontario PC Party released an ad campaign, which claimed that Trudeau's lack of border control could lead to the fourth wave of COVID-19.

Ford keeps reaching out to Trudeau

While Trudeau claims he has yet to hear back personally from Ford, the targeted ad does follow multiple letters and comments from the premier.

Back in April, both Ford and Quebec's premier François Legault sent a joint letter to Trudeau, stating that the number of international flights landing in Canada should be reduced.

After this, Ford released his own statement on May 4 asking to ban all non-essential travel and close the "quarantine loophole at land border crossings."

Ford has also used his Twitter account in an attempt to get the prime minister's attention. "In the last two weeks, we have sent the federal government 3 urgent letters requesting immediate action on the borders," he claims.