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Someone Made Their Own Invoice To Send Back To Ontario's PC Party & It's Fiery AF

The PC Party has also made a public apology.

Toronto Associate Editor

Someone decided to make their own invoice to send to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, and they did not hold back.

Earlier this week the Ontario PC Party came under fire after several residents said they received invoice notices for $300 that came from the political party.

A spokesperson for the Ontario PC Party apologized for the incident in an email to Narcity on Thursday, August 19.

"We regret that this correspondence was sent to a limited group of supporters by one of our vendors and will not happen again. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused," the spokesperson said.

"The Ontario PC Party tremendously values the support we receive from thousands of hardworking Ontarians every single year. Without your contributions our operations would not be possible. At no time was it our intention to mislead our valued supporters," they wrote.

Reddit user architorturedfool created their own version of the document, which looked identical to the ones that were being shared on social media except it was addressed to Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party.


Addressed from "Ontarians Who Are Sick Of The PC Party" the one item on the document is the "Go F*ck Yourself Fund," which is free of charge.

"This scummy invoice you thought was a good idea to send to Ontarians shows just how out of touch you truly are and how little you really care about the people you are supposed to serve," the document said, adding that it was signed from "The People Voting You Out Next Election."

On August 18, several individuals shared the PC Party documents to Twitter and Reddit, calling on the Ford government for answers. The Ontario Liberal Party is also formally requesting an immediate investigation by Elections Ontario and the OPP, according to a reporter from 680 News.

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