Ford Could Hardly Get Through His Apology To Ontarians Without Crying (VIDEO)

Ford said he's deeply sorry for "moving too fast" on last Friday's measures.

Doug Ford
Doug Ford
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On Thursday, Premier Doug Ford gave Ontarians an emotional apology for "moving too fast" on implementing last Friday's stricter measures, which he said were intended to reduce mobility.

These included giving police enhanced enforcement powers and closing playgrounds, both decisions that have since been reversed.

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"Last Friday, [..] We moved fast to put measures in place to reduce mobility, but we moved too fast," Ford said, his voice quivering.

"I know that some of those measures, especially around enforcement, they went too far. Simply put, we got it wrong. We made a mistake. These decisions... left a lot of people very concerned. In fact, they left a lot of people angry and upset."

"I sincerely apologize, because as Premier, as I said right from the beginning, the buck stops with me again. I'm sorry. And I apologize to each and every one of you," he said, in between pauses to compose himself.

Ford assured Ontarians a plan for paid sick leave is coming that will "bridge the gap" in the federal Canadian Sickness Response Benefit. He said the program will be the best and only one of its kind in Canada.