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Ford Blasts Canada's 'Broken' Quarantine System & Calls Out Trudeau

"The system's broken. We need to fix the system."
Premier Doug Ford Blasted The 'Broken' Quarantine System & Calls On Trudeau

It looks like the premier of Ontario had some words for Trudeau today. In a Wednesday press conference, Premier Doug Ford said that Canada needs to fix the "broken" quarantine system.

Ford blasted the system after a mass amount of people have been caught breaking the two-week quarantine while facing no penalties. 

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Out of 622 cases, only two have been charged. The system's broken. We need to fix the system.

Doug Ford

The premier said that the federal government needs to step in and take control of the issue after 622 quarantine rule-breakers got let off the hook.

"The thing that we need to fix is a system that’s broken and we need the support of the federal government," said Ford.

"Right now there’s been 622 cases…the police have went to certain areas for quarantine. They looked for people that are supposed to be quarantining and they get there, and they aren’t there. So they aren’t following quarantine rules."

Ford expressed his disappointment that police services are being wasted by letting people off.

"Only two have been charged. The system is broken. I need the help of the federal government to make an amendment or change it. Why are our police going around checking to see if people are quarantining if they aren’t gonna follow up with the charge."

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