Canada's Quarantine Rules Are Masking Up & Isolating Immediately After International Trips

It depends on whether or not you have symptoms.
Canada's Quarantine Rules Are Masking Up & Isolating Immediately After International Trips

If you're returning from a trip, be ready to mask up. Canada's quarantine rules involve isolating for two weeks after international travel. But the government is also warning people that they will have to wear a mask until they get to their quarantine spot. 

In a reminder posted on social media, the federal travel branch said people returning from essential, international travel will have to "wear a face covering while in transit to your place of isolation" and "quarantine for 14 days."

These are just some of the rules people have to follow. 

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According to the government's website, upon arrival in Canada, whether in a plane or a car, people will have to be screened by an officer at the border for any symptoms of COVID-19. 

What happens next depends on whether you are showing any signs of illness. 

Anyone who is symptomatic will have to isolate, while people who don't appear to have it will be required to quarantine.

Despite sounding similar to each other, they aren't quite the same thing. 

Travellers with symptoms will have to go to a "suitable place" where they can isolate for 14 days. They also have to confirm they will have access to necessities like food. 

They have to wear a non-medical mask the entire time until they get into their isolation spot. They also have to use their own private vehicle to get to that place. 

The government says that mandatory isolation also means: 

  • No stopping anywhere before getting to your safe place
  • Staying inside at all times and not leaving for 14 days unless you need medical attention
  • Limiting contact with others in that place and using a separate bedroom and bathroom if possible

For travellers who aren't showing signs of COVID-19, the rules are a bit more relaxed but there is still a mandatory 14-day quarantine in place. 

Like the other group, these travellers will also need to confirm they have a suitable spot to go, along with a plan for getting food. Then, they go straight there and wear a mask until they arrive. 

Unlike people who are isolating though, there are no rules from the government about whether they have to take a private vehicle or not. 

While they have to stay in one place, they are also allowed to go outside for fresh air. However, it must be in their private yard or balcony. 

Not following any of these rules can come with strict consequences. Most recently, a man in P.E.I. was thrown in jail for allegedly breaking quarantine.