WestJet Passenger Deported To India After Mid-Flight Cigarette Led To Emergency Landing

He also refused to wear a mask.
A WestJet Flight Got Grounded Because Of A Smoker & He's Being Deported To India

A man from British Columbia is facing serious consequences for his behaviour on a flight in June.  

On a Toronto-bound WestJet flight from Vancouver, 59-year-old Balvir Singh caused a scene after smoking in his seat and refusing to wear a mask. As a result, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Winnipeg. 

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I understand you weren't feeling well when you got on the plane. Drinking did not help that… (and) created a scary situation for everybody

Judge Kusham Sharma

The judge ruled that Singh be banned from air travel in Canada and that he is to get deported to India. 

Singh's lawyer argued in court that his client's low blood sugar during the flight, in addition to the drinking, made him act aggressively when dealing with staff. 

Singh will be staying with a relative in Ontario for the time being as he cannot go back to India under the current COVID-19 circumstances, the court decided. 

Via Winnipeg Free Press