This passenger broke more than just COVID-19 flight protocols. Since the start of COVID-19, both airport and airplane experiences have been quite different. First of all, there is a whole slew of new health and safety protocols for visitors and staff to follow. On a recent flight departing from Vancouver on Sunday, June 14, a particularly unruly passenger broke both pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 rules all in one flight. 

The unruly Vancouver passenger not only refused to wear a mask, but he was also caught lighting a cigarette, according to The Canada Press with 570 News

The flight, originally headed for Toronto, was forced to divert and land in Winnipeg where the man was arrested by the Winnipeg RCMP

According to the Canadian Press, the man is 60-years-old and comes from Surrey, B.C.

His infractions cost him a mischief charge of over $5,000 and he's facing additional fines that could rack him up a bill of $13,000.

Smoking on an aircraft is against the Canadian aviation security regulations, this is one of the reasons his penalties could be so severe.

A spokesperson from the Vancouver Airport confirmed with Narcity that this passenger was flying with WestJet. 

The new airport health rules in place for the foreseeable future while the world works to recover from COVID-19. Meanwhile, the old rules such as not being allowed to smoke on a plane are still business as usual.  

While the man was arrested by the RCMP in Winnipeg, it has not been disclosed if he's been released or when his exact punishment will be decided upon. 

While you may expect flying to be a little different than you remember it, you probably didn't anticipate that people would be going this rouge. 

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