12 Countries Open To Canada Where You Don't Have To Quarantine

You do have to have a negative COVID-19 test to get into some places though.
Where Can Canadians Travel Right Now: 12 Countries Where You Don't Have To Quarantine
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Travel lovers, this one is for you. Are you wondering where can Canadians travel right now? If you want to take a trip without having to quarantine, there a quite a few countries where you can get off the plane and get right to exploring.

While some countries are still restricting travel and mandating isolation periods for tourists, not every place is doing the same thing.

Airlines like WestJet and Air Canada have already started flying out of the country to international destinations with their summer schedules.

Though if you choose to go on a trip aboard, you will have to isolate yourself for 14 days once you return to Canada because of the Quarantine Act.

It's also important to know that Canada currently has a global travel advisory in place until further notice.

All non-essential travel outside of the country is being warned against even as spots around the world reopen.

There are no plans to do more repatriation flights so if the COVID-19 situation changes while you're abroad, you might have to stay there for longer than expected.

If you still want to travel, here are some countries that are open to Canada where you don't have to quarantine when you get there.


No quarantine is required for travellers from Canada in the Bahamas but you have to have an electronic health visa and a negative COVID-19 test.

That test can't be more than 10 days old.


Unlike other countries, people coming into the Maldives don't have to show a negative test result to be able to roam freely.

There is no quarantine requirement though people who might have the virus or have symptoms are being asked to not travel.


When it comes to Greece, you have to fill out a Passenger Locator Form at least 48 hours before you get there.

That includes details about where you're coming from, how long you've stayed in other countries before arriving and where you're staying in Greece.

There will be random testing done but even after that, you only have to maintain physical distancing while waiting for your results.


Canadians are on the list of people who can enter Bulgaria through all border checkpoints without having to quarantine or show a negative COVID-19 test.

Though the list is subject to change depending on how the state of the virus in countries.


Everyone has to complete an Embarkation/Disembarkation card online and be approved to enter Aruba.

One component of that is a negative test which can be done 72 to 12 hours before your departure.

You can wait and get a COVID-19 test at the airport in Aruba but then you'll have to quarantine while you wait for the results.


Countries are divided into two categories, A and B.

People from category A countries, including Canadians, don't need to show a negative test result to get into Cyprus. They just have to give information and declarations.

The list for each category is reviewed every week.


Germany is allowing unrestricted entry for residents from Canada as of July 17.

That's because we made the European Union's safe list which told member states to lift travel restrictions for certain countries outside of the union.


Canadians don't have to quarantine when visiting Malta or get any special permits like negative tests or health visas to enter the country.


To travel to Denmark, you just have to show that you have a valid booking for a minimum of six days when you enter the country.

Canada is part of a select number of countries that people can visit from.


People from Canada, regardless of their nationality, can stay in or transit through France.

Though everyone has to show a declaration on their honour which says they don't have COVID-19 symptoms before boarding and to border authorities.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic started letting in tourists on July 1.

You can go there now and there will be thermal screenings at all the country's airports.

At hotels and other accommodations, you will have to do a health check.

That includes temperature taking and a declaration of health that says if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who had the virus in the last 14 days. 


Travellers have to complete an online Immigration and Customs Form 72 hours before their arrival in Barbados and get a negative COVID-19 test within that same time frame.

Canada is considered a medium risk country.

Restrictions can change often so be sure to check government sites before you travel!

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