Will you get vaccinated? According to new Statistics Canada data, a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada is something that a majority of people would get. Though there hasn't been any indication yet of just when one will be ready.

While no vaccine for the virus is ready to go right now, StatCan has released a new study about how willing Canadians are to get one when it does become available.

The data comes from the government agency's series about the impacts of the virus on Canadians and over 36,000 people participated in the online questionnaire for it.

From that, StatCan found that a majority of people are willing to get a vaccine when it becomes available.

Slightly more than 62% of people said they are very likely to get vaccinated and just more than 15% said they are somewhat likely to do so.

Only 4.1% said they are somewhat unlikely to get a COVID-19 vaccine along with 7.9% who said they are very unlikely to get it.

Just over 4% of people said they don't know what they would do.

The study also showed that a person's willingness to get a vaccine differs based on their level of trust in others, the government and public health authorities.

When it comes to those who said that most people can be trusted, just over 70% of them said they are likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

On the other hand, 60.6% of those who said most people can't be trusted reported that they would get a vaccine.

With the StatCan data about trust in the government and public health authorities at the federal level, it's somewhat of a different story.

More than three quarters, or 77.3%, of people who said they have a high level of trust in the federal government said they would get a vaccine when it's available.

That's compared to just 53.8% of people who would get one who also have a low level of trust in Canada's government.

The correlation between trust in public health authorities and a vaccine was similar.

Those who trust public health are more likely to get one and vice versa.

Only 44.4% of people with a low level of trust in federal public health authorities said they will get vaccinated.

No vaccine is ready to go yet but Canada is working on it.

Health Canada has approved clinical trials for it will be taking place at the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

In Saskatchewan, a team is trying to move from animal testing to clinical trials with humans by the fall.

Canada has ordered 37 million syringes and is working on getting other supplies that will be needed for mass imunization.

All of those needles would almost be enough for the entire population.