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If you've ever interacted with Canadians, you know we're super polite. If you've ever interacted with Canadian Geese, you know they're completely terrifying.

Geese are rude and scary. There, we said it.

So, it comes as no surprise that a giant gaggle of rude birds help up traffic in Ottawa without even doing the polite run-walk you do when someone is waiting for you to cross the street. Sorry, are you even Canadian? 

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You see nearly 30 geese crossing the road at a 4-way intersection. 

Naturally, they've taken a diagonal route to obstruct as much traffic as possible. 

The camera pans over and you see a bunch more geese waiting on the other side. 

They are taking their sweet time and you will notice not one spring in anyone's step. 

If you've ever heard a goose hiss or watched them run at someone, you know why no one was about to get out of their car and shoo them away. 

We're afraid, we're offended, and we're late for work. 

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9 Canada Geese Memes That Are Honking Hilarious

Birds of a feather attack together.

There are plenty of animals that are considered to be icons in Canada including beavers, moose and polar bears. However, anyone who lives in the Great White North knows that Canada geese are the country's true mascots, despite their notoriously bad attitude.

If you have ever had an experience with one of these instantly recognizable birds, then you know that they can go off in a second. They hiss, they honk, and worst of all, they chase you down if you get too close. These memes embody the spirit of the Canada goose, just not necessarily in a positive way.

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