Trudeau Lists Every Reason Why 2020 Sucks In Case You Forgot (VIDEO)

He forgot to mention the murder hornets.
justin trudeau commencement speech

This hasn't exactly been the easiest year. COVID-19 may have dominated the headlines for a while, but Justin Trudeau's commencement speech also reminded us all of everything else that made 2020 so rough. Some of it seems like it happened so long ago already.

Right at the top of his June 10 address to graduates, the prime minister took the opportunity to congratulate the class of 2020.

"But let's be real," Trudeau said, "this day is nothing like you imagined it to be, and the world is a much different place than anyone could have predicted, even a year ago. It's tough."

He added that while students don't get to choose the world they graduate into, they definitely wouldn't have chosen 2020 if given the opportunity.

He then listed off some of the events that have made this year particularly devastating for so many people.

This included the bushfires that enveloped Australia for weeks, the deadly plane crash in Iran, Canada's deadliest mass shooting ever, and continued scenes of police brutality against black and indigenous people.

He saved the headlining spot on the list for what has almost come to define 2020 as a whole (and the reason for giving his commencement speech virtually): COVID-19, which he said has "triggered the greatest health and economic crisis in generations."

Trudeau said that this year has also "exposed the limitations and flaws of our world."

He noted this could be upsetting and alarming to new graduates getting ready to start the rest of their lives, but added that it is also a wake-up call.

"Your generation has acutely sensed what is wrong with the world and what needed to be fixed," he said, before listing some of the social advancements the world has seen recently.

At least he didn't bring up the murder hornets.