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More Ontario Cities Are Protesting & The Signs Will Give You Goosebumps (PHOTOS)

Kingston, Oakville and Barrie, to name a few.
More Ontario Cities Are Protesting & The Signs Will Give You Goosebumps (PHOTOS)

Ontarians are taking to the streets in protest this week. More cities are joining the movement against anti-black racism and police brutality. Kingston, Oakville and Barrie are among those hosting their own peaceful protests in Ontario, and by the looks of it, more are to come.

A demonstration was held in Toronto last weekend in honour of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski-Paquet and "black lives that were taken at the hands of police," according to the event's description.

The #JusticeForRegis protest gathered thousands of supporters who took to Christie Pits Park and surrounding streets. 

Other cities in the province are holding protests of their own, along with Canadian provinces, U.S. states and countries all over the world.

A rally in Kingston, Ontario took place on June 2, to which large crowds of protestors showed up in solidarity.

In Kingston, protestors held signs that read "Not Another Black Life" and "Silence = Consent."

Kitchener saw massive crowds gather together in the city's streets on June 3. Those who chose not to attend in person were able to join the movement online.

On June 4, both Barrie and Oakville had peaceful gatherings of their own. One Twitter user praised Oakville's "expertly organized and well-attended" event.

Although the crowds didn't compare to that of May 31 in Toronto, protestors and allies are still choosing to stand together against injustice. 

According to event plans announced on social media, another protest is set to make its way through downtown Toronto on Friday, June 5.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has said that he has been and will continue to be in attendance at each of these protests.

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