Canadians have been on a long journey, but the story of the prime minister's long locks has finally come to an end. Justin Trudeau's hair has officially been chopped. It looks like he's returned to his old, pre-isolation hairdo!

Trudeau's growing hair has been the subject of attention for as long as he has isolated himself at Rideau Cottage. Even The New York Times wrote an article about its continued growth throughout the pandemic.

However, the hair flips and long locks gently blowing in the breeze appear to have come to an end, with the prime minister returning to his standard, shorter hairdo.

Canadians began noticing how wild Trudeau's hair had become all the way back in April. It was hard to pay attention to anything else, considering how shaggy the country's leader was looking.

It made sense, though. Hairdressers and salons have been shut down for months, and even Canada's leader had to deal with the consequences of those closures, just like the rest of us.

Those flowing locks did make for at least one meme-able moment, though. Trudeau flipping his hair back during one of his press conferences had people talking once again about how hot they think he is.

It was Trudeau's second hair flip that really got people talking, especially as he looked directly into the camera while he did it.

However, those hair-flipping days appear to be over. Trudeau likely waited for hair salons to safely reopen in Ottawa before he deemed it safe to have someone take a little (well, a lot) off the top.

With regular haircuts back on the table, it's unlikely that the Prime Minister will ever let his hair get that long again. 

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson shared his own excitement at getting a haircut in a tweet this week. He also expressed his joy at finally getting to have lunch on a patio.

Goodbye long isolation locks, it was nice while it lasted!