These Massive Sangria Towers Are One Of Ottawa’s Best Kept Secrets

It has over 10 glasses of sangria. 🍹

These Massive Sangria Towers Are One Of Ottawa’s Best Kept Secrets
Staff Writer

It's time to get your sip on, as these colossal sangria towers in Ottawa are perfect for sharing with your drinking buddies.

They make your average boozy pitcher look tiny, as the 88-ounce container has enough for over 10 cups.

So there is no need to worry about refills, as you can help yourself to another refreshing drink without leaving your chair.

You can find the sangria towers at all three Mexicali Rosa's locations in Ottawa, including Dow's Lake, where you can relax at their patio next to the water.

When ordering, you can pick between red or white wine, and it comes with a tasty blend of Triple Sec, Brandy, juice and fresh fruit.

If you're searching for a patio to hit up this summer, it is time to invite your friends to share this tower while soaking up the sunshine.

Mexicali Rosa's

Price: $50

Address: 250 Centrum Blvd., 540 W. Hunt Club Rd., & 1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: While here, you can also stuff your face with tacos. It is a good idea to call ahead to book the tower, as when the patio is busy, there could be a waitlist.


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Stephanie White
Staff Writer