All Ontarians Over 18 Will Officially Be Able To Book A Vaccine Appointment By Next Month

Here's how to book when it's your turn.

All Ontarians Over 18 Will Officially Be Able To Book A Vaccine Appointment By Next Month
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The provincial government announced on Thursday that Ontario's vaccine schedule is changing and that any adult over 18 in the province will be able to book a vaccine appointment by the end of May.

In a press conference, Ontario's Health Minister Christine Elliott announced that the age limit for getting an appointment through Ontario's provincial booking system will lower to 55+ on Friday, April 30, 50+ by the week of May 3, 40+ the week of May 10, 30+ the week of May 17 and 18+ by the week of May 24.

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Government of Ontario

"The best vaccine remains the first one you're offered, and I strongly encourage everyone to book an appointment as soon as [it's] their turn," Elliott said.

The schedule change is due to "predictable and increased vaccine supply from the federal government," a news release says.

It's a big change from Ontario's previous plan, in which adults 59 years old and younger who didn't live in a hot spot and could work from home were being told to expect their first dose in July 2021.

Pharmacy pilot begins on Friday

In addition to its updated schedule, Ontario is starting a new pilot program to distribute more vaccines to pharmacies in hot spot communities in the province.

There are 16 pharmacies participating — eight in Peel and eight in Toronto — and each will get approximately 150 doses of the Pfizer vaccine a week.

The program starts on Friday, April 30, at 8 a.m., when people who are 55 and older will be able to book a vaccine directly via participating pharmacies.

More pharmacies could become eligible to participate in May, according to the province, depending on a review of the pilot program and vaccine supply.

The full list of the 16 participating pharmacies can be found by visiting Ontario's website and filtering by "Pfizer (55 or older)."

Cormac O'Brien
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