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This Video Of An Intrusive Wild Turkey In Ontario Is Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

Wild turkeys, nature's most terrifying birds.
Staff Writer

It might have missed out on any Oscar nominations, but this wild turkey in Ontario is the star of the province's newest and scariest horror film.

Filmed by Kevin Fancy in Seouls Corner, Ontario, this video of a nosy wild turkey rapping on a basement window at 6 a.m. is pure nightmare fuel.

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In a scene that looks like it's straight out of The Birds, the turkey won't stop glaring at the camera and smashing its beak against the glass.

Unfortunately for people suffering from meleagrisphobia (the unofficial name for a fear of turkeys), this is not the first time a wild bird has struck fear into the hearts of Ontario citizens.

Earlier in 2021, a GTA resident shared a video of a wild turkey that they said had been attacking locals for months.

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