Here Are All The Essential Workers Who Can Get Vaccines First In Ontario

Ontario's next vaccination phase starts in April.
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Here Are All The Essential Workers Who Can Get Vaccines First In Ontario

Starting in April 2021, the list of workers eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines in Ontario is getting expanded.

Phase 2 of the province's rollout includes vaccinating "essential frontline workers," and the province has provided a handy list of all applicable professions.

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The second phase is scheduled to take place between April and July 2021, depending on vaccine availability.

Seniors, people with high-risk chronic conditions, and essential caregivers will be eligible to receive the vaccine as of April, as will the following workers:

  • Elementary and secondary school staff
  • Police, fire, compliance, funeral, special constables and other workers responding to critical events
  • Childcare and licenced foster care workers
  • Food manufacturing workers
  • Agriculture and farm workers
  • High-risk and critical retail workers in grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Remaining manufacturing labourers
  • Social workers, including youth justice
  • Courts and justice system workers, including probation and parole
  • Lower-risk retail workers (wholesalers, general goods)
  • Transportation, warehousing and distribution
  • Energy, telecom (data and voice), water and wastewater management
  • Financial services
  • Waste management
  • Mining, oil and gas workers

According to Ontario, these workers can expect to receive their vaccine at a pharmacy, mass vaccination site, or their local doctor's office. 

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer
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