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Ontario Says Teachers Could Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine By Early Spring

Along with police officers, farm workers, and other essential workers.

Rick Hillier, the head of Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine task force, said he had certain professions in mind when it comes to ramping up vaccine distribution in 2021.

While no official priorities have been announced, Hillier named teachers, cops, and farmworkers as candidates for early phase two vaccinations in a press conference on Tuesday morning.

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We will be able to look after many of the essential workers of Ontario. Rick Hillier

"The prioritization has not been done for phase 2 or phase 3 yet," Hiller said.

"But I think with the number of vaccines that we have coming in... we'll be able to get into looking after many of the essential workers across Ontario, whether that's farm workers or police officers or school teachers."

By the time phase 2 begins, in March 2021, Ontario expects they will have vaccinated over 1,000,000 people in the province.

"We can't do it any faster," Hillier said.

Hiller said around 15 million doses will arrive in the province in April, May, and June, the early stages of Phase 2.

This means more people — like essential workers — will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

Hillier said Ontario will also keep age in mind, with priority given to members of more vulnerable populations.

He said that he hopes Ontarians can get their vaccinations from pharmacies, and he mentioned the possibility of mobile vaccination sites that can deliver the vaccine to neighbourhoods in high-risk areas.

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