Ontario Man Forgot What Car He Was Driving, Lost A Child & Almost Caused An Amber Alert

Turns out he was driving a Jeep, not a Jaguar. 🤦
Ontario Man Forgot What Car He Was Driving, Lost A Child, & Almost Caused An Amber Alert

An Ontario man who thought a child had been kidnapped almost caused an Amber Alert to be issued before it was realized that he had just forgotten what car he had been driving.

On Sunday, Waterloo police received a report from an allegedly impaired 49-year-old Fergus man claiming that a white Jaguar a child had been sitting in had been stolen from a parking lot near King Street South and Wellington Street West.

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"The initial report stated that a four-year-old child was in the back seat of the vehicle at the time of the theft and the suspect had fled with the child still inside the vehicle", says WRPS, prompting the officers to alert the public on social media and nearly issue an Amber Alert.

However, upon transporting the man to the Waterloo division, it was discovered that "child had been left in the parking lot in a different vehicle than had been initially reported" — a Jeep instead of a Jaguar.

The child was retrieved safely and the Fergus man has been charged with several offences, including Impaired Driving, Over 80, Driving While Prohibited, Child Abandonment, and Fail to Provide Necessities.

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