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An Angry Ontario Turkey Was 'Pecking' People Off By Blocking Traffic & Out-Running Police

Mississauga's latest criminal might be its "fowlest" yet.

In a tweet on Thursday afternoon, Peel Police said they had responded to a call about a wild turkey attacking cars, but officers say the animal escaped to peck another day.

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At 1 p.m. on Thursday, someone called Peel Police and reported that a wild turkey was disrupting traffic and attacking cars at the corner of Matheson Boulevard East and Explorer Drive in Mississauga.

Officers flocked to the scene of the crime, where they found the turkey and took photos. 

"No actual damage was actually caused," said Peel Police's media liaison Cst. Kyle Villers, who told Narcity over the phone that the turkey did peck a cop car but was more of a traffic hazard than an attacking threat.

However, when animal services showed up later to take the bird into custody, the turkey told them to get stuffed and ran away.

"Using its impressive 40km/hr speed," Peel Police tweeted.

The turkey is on the loose, but police believe the animal has headed back to its rafter (the proper term for a flock of turkeys).

"'Why did the turkey cross the road?' remains a rhetorical question," Peel Police said.

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