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Ontario Police Broke Up A 200 Person House Party On Saturday Night

That's more than the 10 person limit.
Ontario Police Crashed A Party With Over 200 People Inside On Saturday

Some people in Brampton felt like partying and it was shut down by the cops. Ontario police crashed a party with over 200 attendees over the weekend. Concerned neighbours called it in after finding rows of cars parked outside a home.

Police arrived at the celebration just after 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 25, said Cst. Kyle Villers, media liaison with Peel Regional Police, to Narcity. It took officers over an hour to corral all the people out of the house.

"Approximately 200 people there at the party, which is substantially over the limit of 10 people at an indoor gathering that's currently in place in Brampton," he said.

"There were cars parked all over somebody's front lawn with a lot of people inside," he continued.

In a video posted to social media reportedly showing the incident, you can see a ton of cars parked around the neighbourhood and music playing in the background.

A voice in the video says "There's like a hundred cars out here. Guys, stage three is not open."

"This is ridiculous, to be honest."

A neighbour had called in police after spotting the telltale signs of a huge gathering. And this wasn't the only one — Villers said officers have gotten a ton of similar calls and social media messages about other large gatherings recently.

Villers wasn't aware if anyone got charged after the gathering, and continued that officers are normally only called in to "act as peacekeepers" in situations like these. It's up to Brampton Bylaw to press charges, he said.

Narcity has reached out to Brampton Bylaw for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

"Obviously we don't agree with having 200 people inside a residence at any point but especially during these times when the limits are put in place to keep people safe," said Viller.

On the flip side, the province has been doing relatively well with COVID-19 cases recently, with just 138 new cases detected on Saturday, July 25. Ontario also hit a new testing milestone, with over 2 million tests completed that same day.

Hopefully, they're able to keep up the streak and resist partying too hard for the time being.

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