While the GTA is known for its raccoons, an uptick in Ontario wild turkey sightings is now also being reported. 

A distressed resident shared a video of themselves hiding from a wild turkey on Wednesday, claiming it had been attacking people for months.

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The turkey, which can be seen loitering outside of a building in Mississauga, has supposedly been forcing people to take alternative routes to work.

Animal Services later told Narcity that they have been responding to several calls about wild turkeys in the Orbitor Drive area.

"Through our investigation, we have determined that there is wildlife feeding occurring in the area. The wildlife feeding is the driving force behind the wild turkey sightings in the Orbitor Drive area," they wrote in an email.

Officers were able to successfully relocate the bird to an area within 1 kilometre of where it was captured, they said.

"Unfortunately, due to the feeding and the attractants provided by human activity, the wild turkey continues to return," they added.

Animal Services warns that the bird may "act aggressively" to nearby residents.

This week, Toronto Police also took to Twitter to warn about a turkey that was blocking traffic.