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If life in the city seems unaffordable to you, it might be time to finally make the move out of Toronto. 

According to a recent market outlook from RE/MAX, the province's cheapest city to buy in for 2021 is Thunder Bay.

Currently, you can find multiple cheap homes in this region for under $160,000. 

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Southside Home

Price: $139,900

Address: 112 Pruden St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: A two-bedroom home with a kitchen that comes complete with granite countertops.

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Starter Home

Price: $159,900

Address: 232 Heron St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This affordable four-bedroom is a perfect entry point into Ontario's real estate market.

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Tiny Grey Home

Price: $94,500

Address: 204 Cumming St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: A cozy bungalow on a peaceful street, selling at a great price.

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Northwood Home

Price: $114,000

Address: 194 Limbrick St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: A four-bedroom semi-detached home located in the heart of Northwood Park.

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Two-Bedroom Bungalow 

Price: $114,900

Address: 307 Robertson St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: A well-priced home with a re-done bathroom and an inviting exterior.

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Big White Home

Price: $109,000

Address: 308 Finlayson St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: A large starter home in a quiet neighbourhood.

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