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6 Toronto Houses For Sale That Will Actually Cost You Less Than $1M (PHOTOS)

You don't need to be a millionaire to own these homes.

Finding a good Toronto home for sale that won't break your wallet can sometimes feel impossible. 

While the real estate market in the 6ix continues to rise, there are some gems that you can find under $1M. 

While you will still need a pretty big down payment, at least it gives us a little hope that not everything is on the market for seven digits. 

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Fully-Detached Home

Price: $798,800

Address: 681 Jane St., Toronto, ON

Description: An affordable spacious home with a charming, yet funky exterior.

[image 5ff4d7f92363c6e8c709d1fb]

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East-End Home

Price: $899,800

Address: 244 Lumsden Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: A detached home located near the city's beloved Danforth neighbourhood.

[image 5ff4d8782363c6e8c709d200]

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Three-Bedroom Modern Home

Price: $949,000

Address: 351 A Oakwood Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: A bright and incredibly modern home that holds a lot more space than it looks.

[image 5ff4d8f15834bfe84c7076dd]

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Cliffcrest Property 

Price: $699,900

Address: 2759 Kingston Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: While this spot is offered as land-value only, it's a cheaper option if you're looking to build your dream home.

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Cul-De-Sac Home

Price: $939,000

Address: 27 Landour Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: A gorgeous detached 2-storey home located in a quiet neighbourhood.

[image 5ff4d9b32363c6e8c709d212]

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Bendale Bungalow 

Price: $949,900

Address: 118 Citadel Dr., Toronto, ON

Description: A cozy brick bungalow located in the heart of Eglinton East

[image 5ff4da071b7f08e899a0af53]

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