The last nine months have been challenging for many, but for Toronto's richest family, it was a time of financial growth. 

The Thomson family, whose net worth currently sits at $39.6 billion, made several billion more since April 2020, according to Forbes.

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$8,000,000,000 Thomson family's reported earnings since April 2020

The Thomson family is known for being a leading force in the media and publishing worlds.

The Thompsons own a number of media companies, including Reuters, Bell, and The Globe and Mail. They are also in partnership with TorStar.

The most visible parent company of the Thomsons' is Thomson Reuters, a $35-billion global digital media empire.

63-year-old David Thomson, who inherited the title of Baron Thomson of Fleet from his father, is the chairman of Thomson Reuters. He also collects original Picasso paintings, according to Forbes.

The pandemic era has been lucrative for the world's wealthiest billionaires. In fact, $1.8 trillion was earned by the world's 500 richest people throughout 2020.

By lunchtime on the first working day of 2021, Canada's top CEOs made what the average worker would earn in an entire year.