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A Fox News Anchor Is Being Roasted For His Pronunciation Of Ottawa

He might've accidentally said it correctly though.

Well, this is awkward. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson's Ottawa pronunciation is getting him roasted on Twitter but he might have accidentally said it correctly.

During the broadcast of Carlson's show on Fox News on October 9, he mentioned Canada a couple of times.

He confidently pronounced "Ottawa" in a way that most Canadians probably don't when taking shots at U.S. Vice President hopeful Kamala Harris.

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Carlson was trying to call Harris' Americanness into question because she lived in Canada for quite a few years.

"She rarely mentions it, but Harris actually didn't grow up in this country. She moved to Quebec when she was 12 and she didn't come back until after high school," the Fox News host said on air.

That's what led to his pronunciation of our nation's capital that had people baffled.

"So if the question is, "What's the capital of Canada?" - for the record, it's a place called Ottawa - Kamala Harris could probably tell you," Carlson said.

While some people on Twitter were offended by his pronunciation and called him out for it, others pointed out that Carlson might've accidentally said it right.

The name Ottawa is believed to come from the name of the Odawa people and words in Algonquin, Cree and Ojibwe languages like "adawe" and "atawa".

That puts the stress on the second syllable.

So Carlson is kind of right in his pronunciation but what are the chance he said Ottawa like that because he knows Indigenous languages or was trying to be respectful of them?

Narcity reached out to Fox News and will update this story when we receive a response.