A controversy at the University of Ottawa has left students deeply disturbed.

According to CBC, part-time professor Verushka Lieutenant-Duval was suspended on September 23 for using the n-word in class, as an example of language reclamation.

In response to Lieutenant-Duval's suspension, a letter was penned and signed by 34 other professors supporting her use of the word, to protect "critical thinking and academic freedom."

The university's student union released a statement in response.

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We often say that racism has no place in our campus, yet it seems to be enrolled in our classrooms.

University of Ottawa Undergraduate Student Union

University of Ottawa professors also responded to a tweet that contained the letter.

"It is not a question of racism here but of a perspective and a discussion," wrote Christian Vandendorpe, a signee of the letter.

Another professor and signee, Lucie Hotte, tweeted the hashtag #liberteacademique, or #academicfreedom.

The student union demands, "as a bare minimum, we call on the University of Ottawa president Jacques Frémont to denounce these professors, not just through words, but with actions."

"There is a clear need for mandatory anti-oppression training for professors, more culturally competent staff, and improved reporting mechanisms," wrote students.

 "uOttawa can and must do better than this."