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This Secluded Spot In Arizona Has Some Of The Best Hammock Views

This secret spot has the most incredible views. 🌅
East Pocket AKA The Edge Of The World Has Amazing Views

There's a spectacular view hidden in the desert, and it's going to take your breath away. East Pocket in Flagstaff is the perfect place to set up your hammock and soak in the vast wilderness below. The sudden drop off has views that seem to be endless, and you'll see why this place was so named. 

East Pocket, aka "The End of the World," can be found in the Coconino National Forest using the A.B. Young Trail

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It's a difficult 4.8-mile roundtrip hike that takes you to an incredibly scenic point where you can see the landscape for miles.

If the hike seems like too big of an adventure, you can drive up to the point using Woody Mountain Road for 26 miles.

You can extend your stay by camping at the overlook, and there's no charge; however, there's a $5 parking fee at the trailhead if you decided to hike it instead!

There are places to stop and walk along the drive if you want to take on some more accessible hikes

It's a great place to experience the great outdoors without running into a ton of crowds. This isolated spot gives you all the views without all of the people.  

You can see as far as Sedona and Jerome from this epic lookout. It's an incredible place to catch a sunset. 

Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery with your S/O for an unforgettable date.

Or snuggle up with some of your BFFs in a hammock and swing the evening away. 

Either way, this is a must-see spot, and once you're here, you'll want to stay and enjoy the scenery for a while. 

Grab your hammock and a buddy and head out to this super scenic spot up north!

Whether you choose to hike, drive, camp, or swing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the gorgeous landscape. 

East Pocket AKA End Of The World

Price: $5

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Why You Need To Go: This lookout point offers some fantastic views and perfect hammocking trees. 


Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and, most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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