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You Can Stay In These 'Camp Crystal Lake' Cabins In Arizona For A Night In The Woods

Come for the spooks, stay for the swimming. 👻
Dead Horse Ranch State Park In Arizona Has Adorable But Spooky Looking Cabins

If you're a horror buff who can't resist an excellent creepy find, this campsite is sure to thrill. While there are no registered hauntings at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Arizona, the campsite is eerily similar to Camp Crystal Lake. It even has a spooky lagoon and cabins nearby. 

Dead Horse Ranch State Park is near Cottonwood, Arizona, and is a great place to camp if you enjoy spending time on the water.

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The park sits on the Verde River, so the surrounding landscapes are lush and green

To complete your "Camp Crystal Lake" experience, you can stay at one of the eight one-room cabins on-site. These are super cheap — only $60 per night. 

While an encounter with Jason isn't part of this camping trip, it still makes for a perfect place to spend a weekend.

The higher elevation gives this area a more mild temperature than other sites in the state, so it's great for summer or early fall.

The ranch is so named because when the original owners were deciding on which farm to purchase, the children chose the one where they had found a dead horse earlier that week. Spooky! 

With plenty of hikes and swimming available nearby, you can gear up for a weekend outdoors. 

Go for a horseback ride, a mountain bike cruise, or just a walk to enjoy the gorgeous national forest and state park

This spot is also a trendy fishing area, so bring your rods and tackle box if you'd like to catch some. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for catfish

This cabin in the woods is a sure-fire way to live out your lakeside dreams (and maybe horrors, too). 

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Price: $20 - $60

Address: 675 Dead Horse Ranch Rd., Cottonwood, AZ

Why You Need To Go: This campground gives off major Camp Crystal Lake vibes.


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