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Wupatki National Monument In Flagstaff Is A Must-Visit Fall Destination

The Grand Canyon State is full of incredible history and ancient desert ruins. Wupatki National Monument in Flagstaff pops up seemingly in the middle of nowhere three hours outside of the city. The red walls and desolate surroundings scream Indiana Jones, so get your explorer hat on and get ready for a desert adventure! 

Wupatki National Monument is a collection of ancient pueblos located in the north-central portion of the state. 

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The entire monument is over 50 square miles and contains tons of structures to discover. 

The settlement was believed to be used 900 years ago, according to the National Park Service

Today you can visit the ruins and the surrounding hiking trails. The cost is $25 per car, and the pass remains valid for seven days so you can return and explore some more in the following week. 

The fee also covers admittance to Sunset Crater Volcano so that you can visit both in the same trip or within the same week.

It's the perfect early fall road trip!

Located on the edge of the Painted Desert, the red rocks and green prairies surrounding the monument make for an incredibly scenic lookout.

Be sure to pack sunglasses or a hat and plenty of water; the sun can get intense in the plains.

It's incredible to sit back and realize a civilization was able to thrive even is such a desolate landscape.

There are several other historical sites near Flagstaff, be sure to check them out while you're in the area.

Happy exploring

Wupatki National Monument 

Price: $25

Address: 25137 N. Wupatki Ln., Flagstaff, AZ

Why You Need To Go: These ancient ruins are just a quick road trip away and seem too cool to be true!


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