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Every Major League Baseball (MLB) player spends much of the season traveling the U.S. This reality is optimal for a food lover like New York Mets player Mark Canha, who uses his time on the road to try an array of cuisines at restaurants around the country.

The athlete runs his own foodie Instagram account, @bigleaguefoodie, where he shares his favorite meals and recommends spots to visit.

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One of the world's best cocktail bars can be discovered in a simulated train experience, where you'll feel as though you're navigating the expansive terrain of the Rocky Mountains.

Platform 18 is an eccentric speakeasy that offers guests craft cocktails for the duration of a 90-minute train "ride."

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If you've ever wanted beach vacation vibes while in Scottsdale, this wine bar is the perfect spot to check out. Wine Girl in Old Town Scottsdale is the perfect boho sip-and-swing destination, with turf carpeting, several swings to relax on, and the ultimate vacay atmosphere.

You can unwine-d surrounded by lush plants and decor that makes you feel like you've escaped to the tropics.

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Brunch has a special place in everyone's heart; there's no going wrong with this meal.

Hash Kitchen in Phoenix is continually coming up with new and exciting menu items like its Mega Mimosa.

These giant boba cocktails are about the size of your head and contain an entire bottle of champagne!

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Heads up, wine-lovers, you don't have to travel to Italy to get all the Tuscan vineyard vibes. Page Springs Cellars in Arizona is tucked in the mountains and has some genuinely stunning backdrops that'll make you forget you're in the desert. It's like taking a trip to Europe — no passport required. 

Page Springs Cellars in Cornville, Arizona, is like stepping into a Hallmark movie.

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