You Can Sip & Swing At This Tropical-Themed Wine Bar In Scottsdale

It's like a tropical vacation inside! 🌴🥂
Wine Girl In Old Town Scottsdale Is A Tropical Dream With Indoor Swings

If you've ever wanted beach vacation vibes while in Scottsdale, this wine bar is the perfect spot to check out. Wine Girl in Old Town Scottsdale is the perfect boho sip-and-swing destination, with turf carpeting, several swings to relax on, and the ultimate vacay atmosphere.

You can unwine-d surrounded by lush plants and decor that makes you feel like you've escaped to the tropics.

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What's on the menu?

Trevor Johnston, one of the owners, describes the menu as "tapas-style with classic wine-tasting room menu." It's not super pricey, either. Flights start at $15, and the menu items are between $10 and $30. 

The restaurant serves up some interesting twists on the classics, including ceviche served in a coconut, buffalo wings, and several different seafood platters. 

It's like a beach bar in Mexico coupled with an upscale winery

Johnston says they aim to keep their menu aligned with their sustainable concept, and that means the items will rotate regularly based on what's seasonal. 

They have an extensive wine list with choices like reds from Napa and bubbles from France. 

What's the atmosphere like?

Apart from having 12 wines on tap (one of the highest wine-on-tap spots in Arizona), the Wine Girl atmosphere is one the owners "felt Old Town was lacking."

With huge garage doors that open, swings, tons of plants, and turf carpeting, the boho vibes are everywhere. The furniture feels like something you'd see at a beach resort.

By keeping all their wines in kegs and on tap, they ensure it's always fresh and maintained at the recommended temperatures.

It's incredibly photo-worthy inside, too. Be sure to bring your camera for some Insta-worthy pics.

Is there a theme?

They wanted to make a space they would like to hang out in, with a bright and airy interior and effortless vacation vibes.

The street-facing wall is a garage door that completely opens, so it's like dining al fresco.

Johnston says, "Even if you're in a bad mood we feel it'll brighten your day," it's like stepping into the tropical getaway you've always dreamed of.

In the future, they want to hold "events like yoga, cooking classes, and wine tastings." It'll be the perfect place for an escape any day of the week. 

The owners "want to make this the most memorable place you visit," and what's more memorable than a "holiday" bar. 

Kick back on the swings and enjoy a glass. 

Wine Girl

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Seafood/American

Address: 4205 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ

Why You Need To Go: This vacation-themed wine bar has swings you can relax on while you sip on a drink!