If you're trying to embrace the spooky season, this is the perfect place to do it. 

The Yuma Territorial Prison in Arizona is reportedly one of the best-haunted spots in all of the U.S.

You can see if for yourself for only $8.

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Reports include spirits of inmates on death row ... and a small child in a red dress who pinches passers-by.

USA Today

It was voted the best-haunted destination in the nation by USA Today.

The little girl in the red dress is one of the most frequently-spotted spirits at the prison, but others have reported hearing the prisoners, too. 

If you dare to enter this petrifying penitentiary, you'll be able to explore the cells and the bunk rooms.

You can even check out the "Dark Cell," a terrifying cave in the mountains used for the solitary confinement of the inmates.

Bring your ghost hunting gear; you're sure to have some ghoulish encounters.

Yuma Territorial Prison

Price: $8

Address: 220 Prison Hill Rd., Yuma, AZ 

Why You Need To Go: This prison in Arizona is the most haunted place in the United States! 

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