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You Can Get A Deck Of UNO Cards With Your Pizza Pizza Canada Order & It's Perfect For Game Night

When it comes to entertainment in 2021, we've all had to get a little creative. But there are only so many TV shows you can binge-watch and hobbies you can take up and, let's be honest, Zoom parties have definitely lost their lustre.

That said, there is one thing that seems to have endured — the joy of ordering in. Getting hot, cheesy pizza delivered straight to your doorstep, for example, is a simple pleasure that will never lose its charm.

Plus, not only does getting takeout save you the hassle of cooking, but it's also an easy way to mix up what you're eating day-to-day. And right now, Pizza Pizza has a deal to make your night in even more fun.

They've teamed up with UNO to create a limited-edition deck of cards, which might just be the perfect combo for a laid-back evening with a few of your favourite people.

The new UNO Combo comes with a large three-topping pizza, three drinks and a deck of UNO playing cards for $14.99 (though pricing may vary slightly by region).

For those who haven't played before, UNO is a game of matching colours and numbers quickly, in a race to be the first person with an empty hand.

Don't let its simplicity fool you — UNO brings out the devious side in even the most mild-mannered players!

The game can be played with two to 10 players, so whether you live with friends, roommates, family or your partner, it's easy to enjoy tasty food and some wholesome fun together.

And for big UNO fans (or pizza fans), this won't be just any ordinary game — the deck is bursting with Pizza Pizza-inspired designs that will make your mouth water, including a Creamy Garlic dip wild card.

An excuse to not do the dishes, mouthfuls of cheesy pizza and a budget-friendly way to stay entertained all night — what more could you ask for?

To order the UNO Combo, check out Pizza Pizza's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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