Here's How Much Post-Secondary Tuition Will Cost You In Each Canadian Province

The highest tuition fees aren't in Ontario or B.C.
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Post-Secondary Tuition In Canada Costs This Much In Each Province

If you're wondering about the cost of post-secondary tuition in Canada for schools in different provinces, Statistics Canada has some data that might help you pick out your dream school.

The data breaks down the average fees for Canadian students in each province for 2020 and 2021. According to the agency, the average cost in Canada is $6,580 for full-time undergraduate studies and $7,304 for graduate studies.

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Narcity has broken down the prices by province and education level so you can get a feel for how long you'll be paying off your student loans. 


The average cost of tuition at post-secondary schools in Newfoundland is $3,036 for undergraduate programs and $2,894 for graduate programs, the lowest out of all the provinces.

Prince Edward Island

Undergraduate tuition costs an average of $6,878 in P.E.I. and graduate fees are $5,092.

Nova Scotia

At schools in Nova Scotia, tuition costs $8,757 for undergraduate programs and $9,787 for graduate programs. Both of those are the highest in the country.

New Brunswick

The average cost for an undergraduate program is $7,829 and $6,646 for graduate studies at post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick.


The average price of undergraduate studies in Quebec is $3,155 and $3,353 for graduate programs.


Ontario isn't the province with the most expensive fees but the cost is still pretty high at $7,938 for an undergraduate program and $9,671 for a graduate program.


The average cost of post-secondary tuition in Manitoba is $4,913 for undergraduate studies and $5,248 for graduate studies.


Saskatchewan has the second-highest average cost for undergraduate tuition in Canada at $8,243, though graduate fees are less expensive at $4,346.


Tuition for undergraduate studies is $6,098 and $6,724 for graduate programs in Alberta.

British Columbia

The average price of tuition at schools in B.C. is $6,055 for undergraduate programs and $9,528 for graduate studies.

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