Aren't rooms with a bunch of right angles just kind of boring after a while? There is a house for sale on Prince Edward Island that solves that problem (if it was a problem). It also happens to feature some stunning oceanfront views.

The property located at 8366 Northside Road in Priest Pond offers 4,380 square feet of living space, along with a truly generous 30-acre lot.

Aside from the beautifully manicured lawn (which would definitely require the use of a riding mower), the exterior of the property is surrounded by cliffs diving down into the ocean.

No matter where you find yourself (inside or outside) you'll be able to take in the breathtaking oceanfront views with ease.

The house itself has eight bedrooms and three bathrooms, but the property also features a bunkie (a small, separate structure) that can sleep an additional eight people.

It would make a great property for entertaining guests (as long as you're not inviting hundreds of people over).

What you might notice first upon touring the house is the peculiar architecture. The house has an almost circular structure built around a central tower. 

Because of this, almost all of the rooms in the house have at least one angled wall, meaning that you won't ever have to be stuck in between a bunch of right angles again.

The main living space features a stone fireplace, as well as gorgeous woodwork on the ceiling.

The kitchen is just the kind of place an avid wannabe chef would love to spend time in. The stainless steel appliances offer up modern convenience, and a large central island means there's plenty of prep space.

At $1.25 million, this is one of the more pricey homes on Canada's Atlantic coast, but there's just no beating the majestic views, giant lot, and uniquely shaped spaces within.

Cliffside Home With Uniquely Shaped Rooms

Price: $1,250,000

Address: 8366 Northside Road, Priest Pond, Prince Edward Island

Description: A gorgeous home with beautifully distinctive architecture and stunning ocean views all around.

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