Reese's Unveiled A Giant Peanut Butter Cup 'Pie' For Thanksgiving & It Sold Out In Minutes

It's a pie-sized slice of heaven 🤤

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Reese's Unveiled A Giant Peanut Butter Cup 'Pie' For Thanksgiving & It Sold Out In Minutes

Pie is pretty great, but what if your pie could also be a Reese's peanut butter cup?

The internet was drooling on Monday over a tasty new surprise from Hershey's, after the chocolate-maker unveiled a massive Reese's "Thanksgiving Pie" on its website.

The pie is essentially a giant version of the classic peanut butter cup with a $45 price tag. The super-sized treat weighs 3.4 pounds and measures 9 inches in diameter, making it the same size (though definitely not the same weight) as a classic pie.

It contains "the only two ingredients a dessert really needs ... chocolate and peanut butter," according to the listing on the Hershey's store.

It also contains a whopping 7,680 calories, according to a little back-of-the-napkin math by MarketWatch.

"Reese's knows when you bring together friends and family for Thanksgiving Dinner, no table spread is complete without dessert — so we created the dessert that everyone wants a piece of," the product listing says.

That proved to be absolutely true on Monday when all 3,000 pies sold out in a matter of minutes.

Reese's hasn't said when they'll release more of the pies or whether they'll ever sell them in Canada, but they did acknowledge the massive demand.

"We apologize, due to high demand this product is sold out," they wrote on the site, before urging fans to buy a pound of Reese's cups instead.

There were plenty of those packs still available on the site Monday — but why eat 20 little peanut butter cups with your hands when you can eat one big one with a fork?

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