Video Of A Live Turkey & A Cooked Bird Has TikTokers Feeling Weird About Thanksgiving

Well, this is awkward.

The owner of a live turkey let the bird check out a cooked Thanksgiving bird in the oven, and the clip has left many people with complicated feelings on TikTok.

The viral video was posted on TikTok late Wednesday and it's been watched more than 13 million times already.

The video shows a live turkey strutting into the kitchen and then looking at the open oven, where a cooked turkey can be seen resting inside.

"Whatcha doing?" a woman says in the video. "It's OK, you don't know him."


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 #pardoned #turkey #thanksgiving

The turkey's name is Big Red and the original poster says he "was NOT traumatized" by the encounter.

"He was mad I wouldn't let him eat it," she wrote in the comments.

But that didn't put users at ease; the post has racked up more than 40,000 comments from people with a lot of thoughts on the encounter.

"You just gon cook his homie in front of him???" one person wrote.

Others used the video to crack jokes such as "Is that you, Jerry?"

"I'm not a vegan but videos like this make me want to become one," YouTuber Mr. Beard wrote.

"This is ... kinda sad," another person wrote.

User @our10acres responded by saying it's "OK to feel that way."

"If it helps, that's a store bought turkey," they wrote. "Turkeys are curious, but have no concept of ovens."

The bird seems to be one of several animals on @our10acres' farm, and many other videos on the account are about farm life.

The poster added in the original caption that Big Red had been "pardoned" from the Thanksgiving meal.

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