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Canada's Cheapest Apartments To Rent Are Found In One Major City

It's time to pack your bags.
Canada's Cheapest Apartments To Rent Are Found In One Major City

Paying rent in Canada can be very expensive if you want to live in a major city, but what if you knew you could live in a large city, a province capital to be exact, for cheap?  

The PadMapper Canadian Rent Report shows rental data from hundreds of thousands of listings including where you can find the cheapest one-bedroom apartments to rent. 

However, where there are cheap homes in one city there are some the extremely expensive ones elsewhere. Here's how it all breaks down. 

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Which city has the lowest rent?

You can snag a cheap one-bedroom in the city of St. John's, Newfoundland.

This capital on Canada's Atlantic coast has some of the cheapest apartments in the country, where average rent is just $810 a month. 

What's more, you can get a cheap two-bedroom too, and it will only set you back $920 monthly.

Out of 24 cities surveyed for rent highest to lowest prices, St John's ranked in at the 24th spot.

The rent price also stayed consistent as it was the cheapest last month too, with no price increase. 

Which ones are the most expensive?

As you can expect the most expensive places to live are usually large and populated cities.

That's why it should come as little surprise that major municipalities like Toronto and Vancouver took the top spots for the most expensive rent in all of Canada. 

Per the report, a one-bedroom in Toronto would currently set you back $2,000 monthly while a two-bedroom costs $2,650.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, a one-bedroom is about $1,980 a month and two rooms would cost you $2,710 a month. 

Expensive rent is a theme in Canada as many cities come with some hefty price tags, including Burnaby, Victoria, Ottawa, Oshawa, Kitchener, Kingston, Montreal, St Catherines, Halifax, Calgary, Hamilton and London.

Each city mentioned costs a minimum of $1,200 a month and upwards to a maximum of $1,720, according to the report.

Are there other affordable cities?

Luckily for people of the True North, you won't have to just choose between living in either Toronto, Vancouver or St John's. 

If you are balling on a budget and want to familiarize yourself with some cheap honourable mentions, you can consider cities like Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Quebec, Windsor and Winnipeg.

Each city comes with average rent under $1,000, from $850-$950 a month.