Here's How Much Canada's 7 Richest People Are Worth & How They Earned Their Billions

From White Claw to Alibaba, these people are making serious bank from their ventures. 🤩

Here's How Much Canada's 7 Richest People Are Worth & How They Earned Their Billions

If you're not a billionaire yourself, you may be curious how on earth one may find themselves in that filthy rich position. As it turns out, this country is home to quite a few billionaires and the richest people in Canada are worth some serious money.

Forbes has a list of the world's billionaires that was updated as of April 2021. There is also real-time data on each of their profiles linked below. On this list, Jeff Bezos, the man behind Amazon, is sitting comfortably at the top. But if you dive into Canada's billionaires, you'll learn about some local breadwinners and you might even recognize some of their names.

Here are Canada's 7 richest people as of May 27, ranked in ascending order by wealth.

7. Pan Dong

Net Worth: $6.8 billion

Industry: Consumer goods

What You Need To Know: This Canadian woman is most known for her work at Blue Moon Group, where she is the chair. Blue Moon Group supplies liquid detergent and soap. Dong has worked her way up from technical consultant to CTO and now chair.


6. Anthony von Mandl

Net Worth: $8.7 billion

Industry: Alcoholic beverages

What You Need To Know: Here we have the man behind White Claw Hard Seltzer and Mike's Hard Lemonade. If you love those drinks, now you know that you're basically drinking local.


5. David Cheriton

Net Worth: $8.8 billion

Industry: Google

What You Need To Know: Cheriton is a professor at Stanford who made his billions by investing early in Google. He's also a data scientist who has founded a few tech companies.


4. Jim Pattison

Net Worth: $9.6 billion

Industry: Diversified

What You Need To Know: Here's a name you might recognize. Pattison makes his bank from a whole bunch of different sources. He's the name behind things like Guinness World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Beyond that, he has 25 divisions under his name in packaging, food, and entertainment. You've likely heard him mentioned on the radio because his brand controls a whole bunch of popular stations.


3. Tobi Lutke

Net Worth: $9.8 billion

Industry: E-commerce

What You Need To Know: This billionaire is only 40 years old. He's the co-founder and CEO of Shopify and he owns almost 7% of the company, which is now public. He learned to code by age 12 and has been killing the tech game ever since.


2. Joseph Tsai

Net Worth: $11.6 billion

Industry: E-commerce

What You Need To Know: This mega-wealthy man owns the Brooklyn Nets but somehow that's not even his main claim to fame. He is the vice-chairman and co-founder of Alibaba Group. If you shop Alibaba, you have this guy to thank.


1. David Thomson & Family

Net Worth: $41.8 billion

Industry: Media

What You Need To Know: This family is not only rich, but their net worth is leaps and bounds larger than any of the super-rich people on this list. They control a media empire that was founded by Thomson's grandfather. Most of their worth comes from their 320 million shares of Thomson Reuters. They also have stakes in Bell Canada and own the Globe and Mail.