Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Donated $250K To An Indigenous Mentorship Program In Canada

The couple said they're happy to support the program.
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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Donated To Influence Mentoring Society

A program got a $250,000 donation from Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively that will go towards the mentorship of Indigenous post-secondary students in Canada.

Influence Mentoring Society aims to create better opportunities for Indigenous youth and the funding from the couple will help make that happen.

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Reynolds and Lively said that they're happy to support the program which will help Indigenous youth as they go through post-secondary school and then enter the job market.

"All too often, diverse groups are left behind in the things we take for granted. This program aims to rectify that imbalance," Reynolds said.

Influence Mentoring Society's chairperson Colby Delorme noted that mentorship has played an important role in the Indigenous community.

The program is guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, which speaks to "the need to end educational and employment gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people."

Reynolds and Lively have donated to good causes in Canada so many times recently.

They've given money to organizations supporting at-risk and homeless youth, food banks, a distress centre and more.

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The Indigenous tourism industry offers a diverse and rich source of unique, memorable experiences across the country that acknowledge the heritage of what we now call Canada.

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